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Fine Art

To schedule a private studio visit, inquire about gallery shows, or to discuss a private commission, please contact:



Outdoor Series


To place an order for any product in the Outdoor Series, please contact:

Customer Service

Any questions or problems with your order, or to check on status, feel free to contact*:

*Responses will be as quick as possible, but there is chunks of time we are off the grid. Please have patience and know that I am NOT ignoring YOU specifically, I'm ignoring EVERYONE.



Stump Sitting

Need to rant, suggest, or question anything. The resident Dharma Bum is always willing to discuss climbing beta, the North Country and Continental Divide Trails, early Dylan, why everyone should run an ultra, the late 90's rave scene, why pizza is vital to all three meals, Jack Kerouac, how to kick hippies, why sport climbing is neither, how to scoobie sled, saltwater fishing, the best banana strategy for a pad monkey, being "on the road", and ancient anthropology. Be aware, your arm will probably be twisted to get on trail and do some maintenance with us. No better time for a discourse then on a stump between long hours of working a fire rake or swinging a pulaski.




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