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"Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter the road is life."

- Jack Keroauc -



Dharma Sticks

Hand carved and cured Striped Maple hiking staffs by Jae. Extremely strong and lightweight, they will keep you upright hauling pigs to the headwall, trekking a NST, or breaking a useful idiot's bubble. They contain standard camera mounts, hand blown glass inlay, leather or webbing wrapped grip, and a climbing cord wrist strap with chockstone. Each staff is unique and takes months to produce and comes numbered and signed.


Spot On Cards

Greeting cards with secluded outdoor photography and the GPS coordinates where the image was captured on the back. Cards for all occasions and a large library of images to choose from or send us a GPS hit and we'll see if our travels will fit your request.


Yellow Geko Maps - Pennsylvania Rock

Overview map of Pennsylvania's climbing areas from Yellow Geko Maps of Solitude Studio. An ideal wall map for a gear room, den, or gym. It contains historical climbing data, state info, road trippin' ideas, and push pin styling to keep track of where you been.


Dharma Dirtbag Collection

Unique quidebooks to climbing areas in Pennsylvania. Full color, hand drawn topos and photography by Jae and the chemically imbalanced writing of Dewey Tatas. Includes dirtbag info on the nearest dumpster, payphone, pizza slices, and free places to camp. Sturdy haul bag material cover wraps with tobacco, papers, pencil, and compass pouches round out a helpful crag companion.


Limited Edition Tees

Tee shirt designs by Jae in limited edition runs of 42. Each tee has a unique sleeve tag that is numbered and signed and comes with a guarantee to offend, confuse, or amuse others and yourself.




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